The Club


North Jutland Astronomical Club for Amateurs (NAFA)- is a club for people with an interest in astronomy in North Jutland. We are 50 members, and the club covers the area from Mariager Fjord to the South, to Skagen in the North. The club is unpolitical, and welcomes all that share the interest. The club was started in 1972 by a group of people with an interest in astronomy, who were convinced that there would be a basis for making a local astronomical club, the first in the country. Today there are 12 local clubs in all of Denmark. NAFA has grown larger, and offers many activities.

Member fee

The member fee for NAFA is kr. 300,- yearly.

Satellite observatory

NAFA has a small satellite observatory called VLT. It is located near Dokkedal, Vildmosevej 16, Dokkedal, 9280 Storvorde.


Contact information

Club chairman Torben Christensen 42 21 32 04
Webmaster Morten Olsen